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Rollover your 401k

to a low cost ETF


Johnson Private Wealth Management offers ETF investment strategies for those investors who do not need complex services or financial planning at this time, but want access to low cost, long term investment strategies.¹ ² Investors can determine an appropriate ETF investment strategy by completing our comprehensive risk tolerance questionnaire.


An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges much like stocks. An ETF can track a stock index, a sector, a bond index, and more. ETFs often have lower management fees than mutual funds, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors. 


We believe properly determining your risk tolerance for an ETF strategy requires more than just answering 3 or 4 questions. We ask you 25 questions and apply a statistical analysis that measures how your risk tolerance and risk capacity will influence a suitable ETF allocation.³ Your allocation will be rebalanced on an annual basis.

¹Full-Service Wealth Management clients receive a Risk Tolerance Assessment, Asset Allocation, Investment Policy Statement, Financial Planning services, and quarterly reviews. Clients invested in low cost ETF strategies receive a Risk Tolerance Assessment, Asset Allocation, and Investment Policy Statement, but do not receive a financial plan and have annual reviews, rather than quarterly reviews.

²Low cost ETF investment strategies refers to the annual JPWM advisory fee of .25% for ETF strategies with bond funds, and .35% for ETF strategies which include individual bonds. This does not include the individual ETF manager’s fees for each specific ETF.

³This risk tolerance analysis does not include full financial planning services.

To view our ETF investment allocation models, click here.


Annual JPWM advisory fees for all ETF strategies that include individual bonds rather than bond funds are .35%"


To get started, download and complete the Account Application below and email to or fax to 773-867-8663. For questions or assistance, call 773-867-8665.